19 Aug 2020

Can I use a plumber in Melbourne Stage 4 restrictions?

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If it seems a little vague whether you can have a plumber come to your house during the Stage 4 COVID19 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne, that’s because it is.


Here we walk you through the process of determining if your plumbing work is necessary, urgent or essential in light of the restrictions.

When asked if households could use tradies during the lockdown, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said at a press conference: “There’ll be no one providing anything other than emergency support. If you need a plumber because a pipe has burst, then yes, you can have a plumber come and do that work. But it’s not the time to be painting your house or having unnecessary, non-urgent work happen.”


So, let’s break down what we know about coronavirus stage 4 restrictions and essential services such as plumbing.


Can plumbers work during Stage 4 Restrictions?

Yes. As a service that supports ongoing provision and maintenance of gas, water, sewerage and waste services, plumbers are permitted to remain open for work during this period, as long as they abide by the government health and safety guidelines (such as proper use of PPE, following hygiene protocols and maintaining social distancing).


From Wednesday 8 August, workers in permitted industries must carry a permitted worker permit with them, and businesses must prepare and have available on request a COVIDSafe Plan.


Is the work I need done by a plumber classified as ‘essential’?

This is where it starts to get vague as there are no specific guidelines around this. But, common sense is best when thinking about booking a plumber. Ask yourself before booking if the job is essential and necessary.


Examples of essential, necessary work may include:

  • Your toilet, basin, shower, or sink is blocked
  • A burst pipe on your property
  • Shower and / or bath leaks
  • Roof leaks or repairs
  • A gas smell or leak
  • Your hot water is not working as it should
  • Your heater is not working as it should
  • Your tapware is damaged or not working as it should
  • Installation of a gas appliance, such as a heater, oven, or cooktop
  • Existing renovation work


Examples of non-essential plumbing work may include:

  • Cosmetic issues with tapware, such as chipped coating on a mixer
  • Change of mind on a working product, such as a basin or tap


How can I book a plumber during Stage 4 restrictions?

You can book a plumber the way you normally would – by phone, email or through their websites. Most plumbers use a scheduling app that tracks where their employees are throughout the day, so if required, contact tracing is a breeze. Your plumber will arrive with their face covering and will keep their distance while they are on site.


When it comes to payment, most plumbers offer a variety of contactless payment options (such as direct deposits or credit card payments over the phone).


Chat with your local plumber today and talk through your options. We are here, and happy to help.



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